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Membership Information

 New Rates for 2018

When you purchase a Turquois 5a8 e Valley Golf Membership, you're making an investment in yourself. Wellness research indicates that the "healthy pursuit of Golf may add years to one's life." With some of the friendliest staff in the States, and excellent restaurant and bar serving 7 days a week and special events,  plus the camaraderie of a similarly friendly family of golfers, you'll do your spirit a favor as well. Factor in all our improving course conditions and the value benefits that come with membership, you'll likely find your satisfaction levels and overall wellness realizing historical highs!

Please note........all RV reservations, pricing, etc will now be handled directly with the RV park.  Contact Bruce at  505-913-7260.  

Annual Memberships

Single with Cart $3,500

Couple with Cart $5,000

​Single Walking $1,900

​Couple Walking $3,000

6 Month Memberships

Single with Cart $1,800

​Couple with Cart $3,000

​Single Walking $1,000

​Couple Walking $1,650

 Frequent Player Pass 
Oct- 15, 2018 through May 15 , 2019 
non transferable, will not carry over to next season. 
Purchaser may use a 53d t their own discretion

20 Rounds with Cart      $630 plus tax   
20 Rounds no Cart         $450 plus tax

40 Rounds with Cart      $1190 plus tax   
40 Rounds no Cart         $850 plus tax

60 Rounds with Cart      $1680 plus tax
60 Rounds no Cart         $1200 plus tax       


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