Course Tour

#1 Hole from Hal:

Straight away Par 4 with a mid to long iron for your second shot. Green slopes severely left to right. You want to miss the green right. For first timers...a bogey here is a good start. Could be one of the toughest holes in Cochise County.

#2 Newell Attitude:

Uphill, slight dogleg to the right. A good drive leaves a short iron to the green. The green slopes severely back to front, so you want to keep the ball below the hole or you could have an easy three-putt.

#3 Pondering:

Short Par 3 with watering hole in play. Two bunkers frame the front part of the green and a not so friendly bunker behind the green for additional trouble on shots that are long. Additionally, a large Willow tree guards the approach from the right. Any shot that finds this tree will usually end up in the water. Green slopes right to left, so aim for the right and the ball will feed left.

#4 Range Rider:

Slight dogleg left Par 4 that requires a tee shot on the left side of fairway. (This hole was previously a par 5 but has been shortened to accomodate planned improvements.) Shots missed right will find the desert and trees along the right side of the fairway make recovery difficult. Solid par is good here.

#5 Mr. Peanut:

Fairly straight, uphill, long Par 5 with a fairway bunker and large Cottonwood tree guarding the right side landing area for most drives. The bunker is not very friendly so try to keep your tee shot on the left side of the fairway. A full wedge in for your third shot is a good approach to the green that runs away to the back. This hole can be birdied but par is a good score.

#6 Road Runner:

Dogleg left, uphill Par 4, which requires a good tee shot on the left side of the fairway. The fairway slopes to the right and balls that miss the fairway right will find the desert with tall savanna grass. A large greenside bunker and tall pine trees guard the right side of the green. This green is one of the smallest on the course and requires a solid second shot with a short to mid iron.

#7 Crap Shoot:

Big dogleg left with lots of trouble on the left side. The Crap Shoot is cutting the corner with about 180 yards of carry, but you must avoid the tall pine on the left. Tee shots missed right will find the desert with tall savanna grass. Tee shots missed long and straight will find a rock filled but open desert. Find the middle of the fairway and you will then have a wedge to short iron to the green. Middle of the green is the perfect place to be on this hole.

#8 Ocho Loco:

Uphill Par 3 with a tiered green. Ball position on the green is very important on this hole. Below the hole is the smart play for par. If the wind is blowing against you. WATCH OUT!

#9 Drive Thru:

Long Par 5 with desert both right and left as well as trees lining both sides of the fairway. ​(This hole was previously a par 4 but has been lengthened to accomodate improvements in areas.) The yardage is deceiving but long drivers can reach the green in two; most golfers need three. Once again you want to stay below the hole on this green to elminate three putting. Par is good on the hole.

#10 "Fore":

This is a driveable short Par 4 if you keep your tee shot left of center, but be careful of the trees along the left side. Green Bush Draw on the right side is the trouble to stay away from as well as the greenside bunker on the left. The solid play is a long iron and wedge into the green for a chance at birdie.

#11 Panorama:

Our "signature" hole provides a spectacular view of the Mule Mountains from the elevated black or white tee box. A very solid, downhill Par 3 becomes even more difficult depending on the wind. About 155 yards of carry is needed to clear Green Bush Draw. Bunkers on the left and desert long should force you to keep the ball towards the right side of the hole.


#12 Desperado:

Short dogleg right that can be a risk reward hole. Out of bounds on the left can force you to hit iron or fairway wood to this driveable hole. Tee shots missed right will find an expansive desert area filled with tall grass and Mesquite trees. Bunker on the right can come in play and depending on the pin position bodey is a big possibility. a fairly large green that slopes back to front, with a small valley on the right side, can be deceiving as well.

#13 Taz:

Dogleg left Par 4 that needs a reasonable accurate tee shot. The ideal placement for the tee shot is over the two trees left, approximately 200 yards from the black tees. Tee shots pulled left or faded right will find Mesquite filled desert. During the Monsoon season tee shots that do not carry the waste area in front of the tee boxes will be nearly impossible to find. Successful fairway tee shots will need mid to long irons to give you a solid par on this hole.

#14 Gopher It:

Straight away Par 4 with trouble in the center of the fairway. Mesquite trees on the left side of the fairway and bunkers on the right will force you to lay up or try to hit past the trouble and Gopher It! Your short iron or wedge shot to this two tiered green will make par look good on the scorecard.

#15 The Rattler:

Arizona's only Par 6, this is one of the longest holes in the world. You need an accurate tee shot to avoid trouble on both sides of the fairway. A solid second shot by long hitters might entice you to go for the green in three over the water. The best play is a third shot that will give you a short iron or wedge to this large green that slopes from the right and back to the front left. Make the green in regulation and putt well for a possible birdie. Par is a solid score on this hole.

#16 Watering Hole:

A middle iron that finds the green on this straight forward Par 3 will give you an excellent chance for birdie. With water short of the hole and a small bunker on the front left you must be accurate. Stay below the pin as the green slopes back to front.

#17 Naco Beach:

This dogleg left hole has a shallow waste bunker that runs alongside the right side of  the fairway. An accurate tee shot down the left side of the fairway is required to stay out of the waste area on the left. A tee shot that fades into the Mesquite trees right of the fairway makes for a very difficult recovery. A short iron or wedge to the green is your reward for a well placed tee shot. The undulations in this green make par a great score going to the finishing hole.


#18 Win, Lose or Draw:

This short Par 4 can make or break your score. With a solid drive over Green Bush Draw you can come close to driving the green and make an easy birdie on this tiered green. A large waste area and out-of-bounds on the left force you to keep your tee shot in the middle or right. Avoid the driveable bunker right and short of the green and you can have an easy par. Any mistake can make for a difficult bogey or worse on this finishing hole.